Workshop Presses

Since 1932, STENHOJ HYDRAULIK has manufactured hydraulic presses for workshops and the international production industry. Stenhoj hydraulic presses are designed in sturdy fully welded, heavy duty steel constructions for extra strength and rigidity. This combined with the power of high-pressure hydraulics, top quality European components and advanced engineering, will secure you with the reliability, quality and high performance your workshop depend upon.

Our hydraulic presses are available in C- and H-frame bench and floor standing models with press force capacities: 25t, 40t, 60t, 100t, 150t & 200t. CE certified and built in accordance with the latest European safety regulations. 

Based on our standard program, configure your own workshop press in our "design you own press" configurator or contact our dedicated specialist team with a request for a custom hydraulic workshop press solution - our adaptability is our great strength.


Workshop Press Type H Family Stenhoj Hydraulik

H Type

Our H-Type double-column workshop press is a reliable and professional hydraulic press with a strong and steady frame and flexible work hight. All STENHOJ models are designed with generous workspace and a 400mm stroke double-acting cylinder. Customise your STENHOJ press to your specifications in our configurator below. Dispatch within 24 hours.

Starts from

€3,750 excl. vat

Workshop Presses WP C Family Stenhoj Hydraulik

C Type

Our C-Type single-column workshop press is a strong and reliable hydraulic press with full access from all 3 sides providing a flexible working area. The STENHOJ C-Press is a versatile hydraulic press highly suitable for maintenance- and workshop applications. Customise your STENHOJ press to your specifications in our configurator below. Dispatch within 24 hours.

Starts from

€3,950 excl. vat

Custom Workshop Press FPS hot press Stenhoj Hydraulik

Custom Workshop Presses

As part of the STENHOJ workshop press program, we offer special customised workshop presses meeting the exact needs and applications of our customers. From simple mechanical modifications to complex engineered high tech presses, such as automated heating presses with PLC controlled pressing sequences and supported data acquisition. With our custom presses we accommodate customer needs that require special solutions for i.e. daylight, table size, special stroke or an alternative control system on the electric or the hydraulic system.

STENHØJ-presses are dedicated for production of small, middle and large series in deep draw, punching, bending, assembling, stamping, straightening, composite pressing, hot- and cold pressing. 

■ Automotive- and sub supplier industries
■ Electro- and house holding machines industries
■ Metal- and plastic industries
■ Steel- and sheet metal industries
■ Tool shops- and toolmakers
■ Forging industries
■ Technical schools and university etc.