Workshop Presses

Workshop Presses

For nearly a century, STENHOJ Hydraulik has been a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic presses for workshops and the global production industry. With a focus on strength and durability, our hydraulic workshop presses are constructed from fully welded, heavy-duty steel constructions, making them ideal for demanding tasks that require extra rigidity. 

The workshop presses are powered by high-pressure hydraulics, which provide unparalleled performance and precision. Every STENHOJ hydraulic workshop press features top-quality European components and advanced engineering, ensuring that you can rely on the workshop presses  to deliver consistent results for your purpose.

The hydraulic presses from STENHOJ are available in C- and H-frame with varying press force capacities from 25t to 200t. This range allows for a wide variety of materials to be worked on, from the lighter plastics and aluminum to heavier materials such as steel and iron. Both types of the STENHOJ's hydraulic presses are CE certified and built in accordance with the latest European safety regulations, ensuring that they are safe to use in any workshop.

Workshop Presses

H Type workshop press

The H-type double-column workshop press from STENHOJ Hydraulik is a versatile and professional-grade hydraulic workshop press that provides a reliable and robust solution for a variety of pressing, bending, and forming applications. With its strong and steady frame, the H-type press can handle even the most demanding tasks with ease, while the flexible work height makes it easy to adjust the press to fit your specific needs. Whether you are working in metalworking, manufacturing, or fabrication, the H-type workshop press is an excellent choice for applications that require both precision and power.

Starts from

€5,225 excl. vat

Workshop Presses

C type workshop press

The C-Type single-column workshop press is a strong and reliable hydraulic press that provides full access from all three sides, making it a highly flexible and versatile option for workshop and maintenance applications. With its sturdy construction and high-pressure hydraulics, the C-type press delivers the power and precision you need in order to tackle a wide range of pressing and forming tasks. Whether you are working with metal, plastic, or other materials, the C-type press is an excellent choice for applications that require a flexible and efficient hydraulic press solution.

Starts from

€5,490 excl. vat

Configure your workshop press to your needs

Through our configurator tool you can fully customize your STENHOJ workshop press. Choose from a range of options such as pressure capacity, size, and type of tooling, enabling you to create customized workshop presses that perfectly fits your specific needs. You can furthermore buy workshop press tools and optional add-ons such as broaching fixtures, press pins, and V-blocks for the ultimate customization.

This adaptability is one of STENHOJ's greatest strengths, allowing us to meet the unique requirements of our customers, providing you with a workshop press that is ideally suited to your exact workshop. Moreover, once you complete our custom configuration, we are able to dispatch your new workshop press within just 24 hours, ensuring a fast and efficient delivery to your business.

Explore the configuration tool today, or reach out to our team of specialists for expertise help and guidance on the ideal workshop press solution to accommodate your production needs.

Do you have questions about our workshop presses?

Investing in a high-quality workshop press is quintessential for any business that requires heavy-duty pressing tasks. With our many years of expertise, STENHOJ has perfected a wide range of hydraulic presses, from workshop- to production presses, all designed to withstand even the highest demands in industrial production.

Our team of experts are ready to assist you with specialized solutions for your unique production needs. We always offer training in the use of our presses to ensure that each client is well prepared to operate their new STENHOJ workshop press in an optimal way. To learn more about our hydraulic presses or get expert advice on your future workshop press, fill out our contact form today to get in touch with one of our specialists.