Broaching Machines

For more than two decades, STENHOJ Hydraulik has proudly delivered customised broaching machines to esteemed suppliers across the globe. Renowned within the automotive industry, we specialise in designing high-performance electro-mechanical broaching machines for internal splines, geared for high-series production. In addition to conventional broaching, we also excel in hard re-broaching solutions, providing an all-encompassing program for diverse operational needs.

Our broaching programs include two standout vertical broaching machines – the cost-effective Box Model with a fixed table, and the highly-efficient Table Up model. Both models are expertly constructed with a full weld, ensuring machine stability and rigidity in even the most demanding industrial environments.

Each STENHOJ broaching machine derives its strength and versatility from our standardised modular design philosophy. This allows us to optimise and tailor each machine to meet our clients' specific needs while equipping them with top-quality components sourced from recognized worldwide suppliers.

Broaching Machines

Soft Broaching Solutions

Our range of soft broaching machines are adept at working with broaching oil or water-soluble coolant, ensuring smooth performance. The STENHOJ BOX Model is our most popular choice, known for its compact design and convenient part exchange outside the machine. It features broach lengths from 650 to 1,600 mm, cutting forces ranging from 60 to 160 kN, and broaching speeds from 3 to 12 m/min. Our Table Up Model is a robust, floor-operated machine that allows for part exchange within the machine. The Table Up Model features broach lengths from 800 to 3,500 mm, cutting forces ranging from 100 to 600 kN, and broaching speeds from 3 to 30 m/min. The construction of both models enables flexible factory set up and seamless integration into existing production lines.

Broaching Machines

Hard Broaching Precision

STENHOJ has developed a unique UNIVERSAL dual broaching machine for soft- and re-broaching of internal splines. This vertical broaching machine is a highly competitive and compact model, making it our most popular choice. With its unique features including a length range of broaches from 650 to 1,600 mm, cutting forces ranging from 50 to 160 kN, and broaching speeds from 3 to 60 m/min, it delivers exceptional performance, precision and surface quality. This vertical broaching machine is perfect for industries demanding high accuracy and quality, such as the gear hardening process.

Broaching Machines

Sustainable Dry Broaching

To meet the growing demand in the market for high-volume and high-precision internal spline components, STENHOJ has developed a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective for sustainable broaching. By introducing innovative dry-broaching technology that eliminates the need for coolant, the STENHOJ dry broaching machine delivers high-speed broaching with exceptional precision and impressive performance stability. To ensure longevity, the dry broaching machine is specially designed and engineered, while a vacuum suction unit is employed to effectively remove the chips from the machine.

Broaching Machines

Advanced Automation

STENHOJ's broaching machines are designed with top-tier automation capabilities. We offer everything from complete loading and unloading systems to seamless integration of our broaching machines into existing production cells. Extra buffers, handling systems, or machine integration can be delivered directly by STENHOJ or in collaboration with your preferred suppliers. The BOX model allows front-loading and unloading using various pick & place units and robots during the return stroke, ensuring flexibility and fast cycle times. The Table-Up model is highly flexible for automation, allowing front automation with safety fencing or rear integration with robots, eliminating the need for fencing and optimising accessibility and space utilisation.

Innovative Design and Robust Performance

Each STENHOJ broaching machine is equipped with an advanced electromechanical SERVO drive, placing us at the forefront of broaching technology. This feature ensures exceptional stability, accuracy, durability, and energy efficiency, making our machines renowned worldwide. Our machines also incorporate long-life planetary roller spindles that provide outstanding stability and operate with minimal noise. The use of two spindles optimises load distribution, further enhancing overall machine efficiency.

The inclusion of a Quick-Change system enables ergonomic and swift interchangeability of puller and retriever ends, resulting in quick changeovers between broaches with different diameters. An intelligent “Teach-In” function provides seamless adjustments to programs, enabling quick tool change for new workpieces. This function, operated by an electromechanical retriever, automates the adjustment of broach lengths and ensures play-free guidance on the broach tail end during the broaching process.

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