Sustainable Dry Broaching)
Sustainable Dry Broaching)
Sustainable Dry Broaching)
Sustainable Dry Broaching)

Sustainable Dry Broaching

Meeting the increasing market requests for high-volume, high-precision, internal spline components, STENHOJ has developed an effective and economical answer to sustainable broaching.

Hence, by introducing innovative dry-broaching technology that requires no use of coolant, the STENHOJ dry broaching machine delivers cost-effective, high speed broaching with exceptional precision and impressive performance stability.

To avoid the use of coolant, STENHOJ broaches are specially engineered and coated to ensure long life performance. The chips are handled with a vacuum suction unit to secure optimal removal from the machine.


  • 1 to 4 broaching stations
  • Electromechanical servo-drive only
  • Cutting force to 140 kN at 30 m/min
  • Planetary roller spindles only
  • Length of Broaches up to 1.400 mm
  • High quality components
  • Including various individually designed suction units
  • Easy to automate with various concepts
  • Infinite number of customised options


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