Machine à cintrer 2 Stenhoj Hydraulik - Danemark)
Bending Machine with Protection Stenhoj Hydraulik)
Bending Machine full Stenhoj Hydraulik)
Machine à cintrer - Poutres de châssis - Stenhoj Hydraulik - Danemark)

Truck Chassis Beam Bending Machine

Our bending machines represents a different and innovative way of viewing the manufacturing process and production flow of truck chassis beams with offset.

Our bending machine is equipped with the best features for safe and flexible production

  • No folds in the flanges
  • No angle deviations in the flanges
  • Accurate positioning of the bending lines
  • Precise Offsets, irrespective of steel quality
  • Optimum parallelism
  • No after treatment of the bending points
  • Automatic compensation for spring-back through advanced artificial intelligence technology
  • Offsetting of painted beams
  • Twist (torsion) & Bow compensation


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