Production Presses

Production Presses

For decades STENHOJ Hydraulik has developed some of the world’s best hydraulic presses for industrial production.
In close co-operation with our customers worldwide, we identify the exact production purpose and design for an ideal custom solution. We design stand-alone production presses, production cells with handling equipment and special hydraulic presses for series production. 

STENHOJ Production Presses are built in 2 different frame constructions: H & C column according to our modular system. Both frames are powerful and strong-welded constructions guaranteeing the lowest possible deflection to achieve stable and accurate pressing, long living time and minimal tool wear.

We always provide training in using the individual press to ensure that our customer is well prepared to operate their new STENHOJ machine.

Production Presses

H Type

Custom built H-frame double-column press with press force from 25 ton to 2000 ton.
The hydraulic press is designed based on our customers' special needs and specifications and exclusively built from quality materials that guarantee high operational reliability and long service life. The H-type hydraulic press is made with five different optional guiding systems, two optional variable press speed versions and two optional control systems with up to 6 axes. 
This high level of design flexibility ensures innovative press solutions and maximum customer satisfaction.

Production Presses

C Type

Custom built C-frame single-column press with press force from 25 ton to 300 ton.
Our quality C-Frame Press offers an open and flexible working area and can easily handle a variety of materials, sizes and shapes for even the toughest metal-forming and assembly applications.

With high cylinder accuracy and great versatility, the press guarantees constant performance on a wide range of industries, materials and applications such as bending, punching, forming, straightening, cutting and assembling. 
The modular STENHOJ C-Frame Production Press is designed with two optional guiding systems and two optional programmable control systems.

Production Presses

SERVO-Hydraulic Press

Accelerate your productivity with the STENHOJ SERVO-Hydraulic Press.

The STENHOJ SERVO-Hydraulic Press is our proud answer to modern, sustainable and cost-efficient production, offering an impressive 70% in energy savings compared to a conventional hydraulic press.

Characterised by its rapid speed, great power, remarkably low noise levels and advanced sensors for data intelligence, this is the production press of the future.

Production Presses

Production Lines

Besides from offering state of the art stand-alone press installations, STENHOJ Hydraulik offers complete and fully integrated turnkey industrial solutions optimised for various types of operation and areas of application.

Our standard program includes presses from 25-2000 tons and automation, lubrication, coil line and pick and place solutions – all customisable to fit individual customer needs.