Other Services

Other Services

Expertise on the spot

Stenhøj does not only help with the installation and commissioning of your machines. We also help when you need to move them to a new location - or if you have acquired used Stenhøj equipment we can help you with a smooth start and training of your operators.

Support you in changing needs

Your business and your operations will naturally develop and change over time, and both inputs and customer requirements alter. To help you with these changing requirements, we provide a range of specialist services.


If you need to move your Stenhøj equipment, our technicians will be more than happy to come up with ideas on how best to do so. Our service department will together with our project department provide the necessary drawings and descriptions of the task, so everyone knows exactly how the task is to be tackled from start to finish. The relocation itself can be executed in cooperation with our experienced service technicians or we can take care of the entire process.

Extra Training

A brush up training course for your Stenhøj equipment operators can be provided. So, your staff get the best out of your Stenhøj Machines